Project 52, V. 12

I didn’t think much about taking pictures this week, too caught up with the last festivities and miseries of nursing school. Putting my camera card in Harlow this morning, I found this messy shot: My mom sent me this wonderful “stress package” on Monday, and I’m not ashamed to admit that I’ve already eaten every […]

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The last few weeks have seen an over-haul in my life. Jeremiah and I are feeling more and more scattered, like butter scratched across crusty toast, and less and less realistic about our expectations of life and life’s expectations of us. I’ve come to admit that I hate working evenings but I insist on loving […]

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my other sister has a blog, too!

my other sister has a blog, too!

This must be the new trendy thing, blogging. Because, my youngest sister has a blog, too. This news reached me via email this morning (geez, our multi-connected world!), where a note from Anna Vi announced the launch of Speaking with my Hands. 

It says something that my last three blog posts focus on my sisters. I’m a shoddy blogger, at best, but I do love my little heroines. Pie in the Sky’s scruffy upkeep doesn’t seem so disappointing when I deflect to my sisters. 

Please pop over to Anna’s blog and give her an encouraging word or two. And, don’t forget to revisit as she adds new posts! Knowing Anna, she’ll serve you up exposes with grit, humor, and sincerity. Enjoy! 

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HeatherRose’s Creations


For HeatherRose’s sweet sixteenth birthday, my mother blared Stevie Wonder’s rapturous “Isn’t She Lovely” while a slide show of Rosie-girl’s childhood faces splayed across the living room wall. 

This morning, first thing, I hopped onto Harlow (my laptop) and accessed a fidgety internet in search for HeatherRose’s world-wide-web footprint. Her blog showcases the work of a true artist, unique taste, gutsy experiments, and natural instinct. As Stevie Wonder says, “Isn’t she lovely!?”

Please check out my sister’s work and show your approval with a comment or two! 

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The Times We’ve Had

This picture to the left shows my two sisters. My sisters are beautiful. They have elegance and poise. My husband tells me that HeatherRose should be called “Reese HeatherSpoon.” He means it as a compliment, but I shamelessly strut a vicious Hardt pride, and proclaim that my sisters are some of the loveliest creatures ever. Reese Witherspoon […]

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Welcome to Reality

Eating gypsy soup (oh, garbanzo beans: the foodie throb of my choosy tongue!), typing up nursing apps, and hi-lighting pages out of my microbiology reader. Oatmeal raisin cookies in the oven while downstairs, “pot hour,” Plainfield’s favorite, hasn’t quite chimed in on the rural-urban conversation of Main St: belching cars, floozy undergrads, and a limp old man being walked by […]

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Thoughtful Girl

I’ve kept a journal since 1996, when as a six-year-old I was given a student notebook by my mother and assigned daily entries. Mama used my writing to gather spelling words and insight into the mind of her shy, eldest daughter.  Writing did not come easily to me, and my earliest writing was tedious.  I […]

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