HeatherRose’s Creations


For HeatherRose’s sweet sixteenth birthday, my mother blared Stevie Wonder’s rapturous “Isn’t She Lovely” while a slide show of Rosie-girl’s childhood faces splayed across the living room wall. 

This morning, first thing, I hopped onto Harlow (my laptop) and accessed a fidgety internet in search for HeatherRose’s world-wide-web footprint. Her blog showcases the work of a true artist, unique taste, gutsy experiments, and natural instinct. As Stevie Wonder says, “Isn’t she lovely!?”

Please check out my sister’s work and show your approval with a comment or two! 

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Thoughtful Girl

I’ve kept a journal since 1996, when as a six-year-old I was given a student notebook by my mother and assigned daily entries. Mama used my writing to gather spelling words and insight into the mind of her shy, eldest daughter.  Writing did not come easily to me, and my earliest writing was tedious.  I […]

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