A Letter to Readers

It’s been so long since I’ve blogged. I’m not a blogger, not really. I’m both too slow and too long-winded to pull off this fast-paced, techno-savy personal journalism. And, I’m not mommy-loving, belly-swelling, bread-baking enough to write one of those yummy fashion/motherhood blogs so many women adore. I know. And, none of those articles about consistency, […]

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The Prayer of the Exhausted

Recently I’ve received some criticism for side-stepping the issue of my faith on this blog, for not utilizing Pie in the Sky as a platform to “proclaim the Gospel.” I’ve talked about marriage, girlhood dreams, and quoted the occasional Bible verse. But, no, I haven’t racked up Sunday school points with dissertations on weighty theological topics or devotionals […]

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In Other News

… I’m in nursing school. I’m also married. I mentor a little kid. And, I work. A lot. Besides, that I stink at time management. Stink. Stink. Like — Wowza, you really stink at that whole calendar, scheduler, planner thing, don’t’cha? I think about this blog often. I write all sorts of daring treatises about nursing and […]

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Ten Things: the Pops Edition

My bloggy friend, Andrea, over at Will Cook for Food, challenged fellow bloggers to write a “Ten Things” post as an venue for authenticity and as a snap-shot of the “real you.” Taking on her challenge, I am! 🙂 Right now, I’m in the process of over-hauling Pie in the Sky (along with most every […]

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my other sister has a blog, too!

my other sister has a blog, too!

This must be the new trendy thing, blogging. Because, my youngest sister has a blog, too. This news reached me via email this morning (geez, our multi-connected world!), where a note from Anna Vi announced the launch of Speaking with my Hands. 

It says something that my last three blog posts focus on my sisters. I’m a shoddy blogger, at best, but I do love my little heroines. Pie in the Sky’s scruffy upkeep doesn’t seem so disappointing when I deflect to my sisters. 

Please pop over to Anna’s blog and give her an encouraging word or two. And, don’t forget to revisit as she adds new posts! Knowing Anna, she’ll serve you up exposes with grit, humor, and sincerity. Enjoy! 

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