Camera Suggestions, Please


As a graduation present to myself (last final in three days, folksies!), I’m thinking about getting a new camera. Right now I take all my pictures with my phone or a teeny Nikon that my dad gave me for my sixteenth birthday.  Both do the trick  — catching memories on pixel — but as Jeremiah and I head into life without school (someone pleeeease shout a holy “AMEN”), I’m really excited about taking lots and lots of pretty pictures of a more slowed-down and family-friendly life.

Share you suggestions, please! Camera recommendations! I don’t mind spending a fine dollar, but I want to make a good choice. I wouldn’t anticipate spending hundreds on a camera again, so this one will have to be a real keeper.

One thought on “Camera Suggestions, Please

  1. Are you looking for a DSLR? Nikon, Canon, Sony & Olympus are some of the top brands out there. I’d personally go with the newly unveiled Nikon D7100. It just came out and is the follow up to the D7000. I don’t own one, but I read about cameras all day long. If you’d like more information on camera research let me know!

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