The Weekend Spring Arrived

This is the weekend spring arrived. I spent yesterday, morning til dusk, rapping away on Harlow (my laptop) finishing an obnoxious twenty page case study (my last before becoming an RN, folks!). For boredom’s sake, I perched myself by the window and tore the corners of the plastic to let in spring air (real spring air dandied up with the fragrance of mud and tree buds), watching my neighbor’s prematurely parade this summer’s fashions and take pictures of their children in bunny ears and chocolate messes. In the evening, I walked to the co-op for dried fruit and coconut shreds (magic bars, anyone?). I tested the sunshine by wearing a cotton pullover instead of my parka and felt only the faintest chill. My neighbors’ yards were spongy and muddy and, for the most part, snow-less.

And, this morning I’m still typing away about subarachnoid hemorrhages, but I’m also listening to Simon and Garfunkle while my husband cooks up breakfast at the little church down the road, and watching Plainfield’s elderly march into the Methodist church in their most pastel of suits and dresses. The sun is warm and close, and despite my ever-wobbly faith, I have hope. Somehow, it seems extra hopeful that the weekend bringing spring this year is also the weekend we spend celebrating the Spring offered by simple faith in Calvary.

Happy Easter, dear ones! May it be a hope-filled one!


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