Project 52, V. 9

Project 52, V. 9

Last week, Jeremiah and I packed up our textbooks and favorite jeans and left an apartment of dirty dishes and unwritten term papers for the luxury of Montreal. I took the week off from my 52 project, and instead, we ate so much good food and stumbled through so much clumsy French in our nearest “big city.” It was such a good time, simple yet decadent. Jeremiah, especially, feel in love with Montreal. I’m sure we’ll be back.
*We bought this little cactus from the Montreal Jardin Boutinque. Of course, we forgot to claim it at the border crossing (along with my half-eaten avocado and Kinder surprise eggs for the little boys), but c’est la vie! It’s becoming quite a thing for us: bringing cacti back from the big city to our country bumpkin dwelling.*

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