A Fitting Fiasco



My little sister, HeatherRose, got married this past Saturday. It was a lovely day, and Rosie and her new husband make a pretty gutsy couple. Everyone commented on their mushy first kiss, the tasty eats, the lacy details, the lights and candles and trees and church and family and friends. It was warm and intimate and welcoming. Such a good, good celebration!

I think my favorite part of the day, however, was that moment when I walked out of the bathroom stall half dressed with an arm strung up over my head and a clumsy hand tugging at the spanx making doughy work of my midriff  Thirty minutes before the start of my sister’s wedding, thirty minutes before I was supposed to walk down an isle with hair coiffed and cheeks blushed and smile bright, I discovered that my bridesmaid dress didn’t fit. The waist band that seemed so elegant before the back seam was sewn now barred passage of my hips and shoulders. I stood in my smudged make-up and horror while a fellow brides maid pulled on the dress and I tugged on my slip straps until my shoulders and chest popped the waist band. 

After a night of eating cake and watching kisses, I returned to my lowly Pie in the Sky and ripped that dress to pieces.

What’s your greatest wedding/dress fiasco? 


One thought on “A Fitting Fiasco

  1. It’s such a depressing time when that happens. I think the biggest dress fiasco I had was for my grade 8 graduation.
    Initially, I went shopping with my mom for a dress for her, but as always, it ends up being a night shopping for myself. Anyways, we found a great dress, great price, and a happy daughter and mother…so we bought it. I was so excited when we bought it because I was probably the only one who had gotten a dress 8 months in advance (totally unintentional) and absolutely loved the way it looked.
    Anyways, this was grade 8, which meant I was 5’7 (taller than both of my parents which is completely strange) and a stick. When I bought the dress it fit beautifully, but on my twiggish body. Grade 8 was apparently the year my body decided to develop as well, and come time when May rolled around I realized I couldn’t zip up the zipper. BIGGEST SCARE!
    That was also the day I learned the word “diet”…or rather, “healthy eating”, for my little body and dancing allowed me to eat whatever my heart desired. No more for that.
    Two months of eating healthy I was able to do the zipper up….almost. My boobs didn’t fit. I had to wear the dress without a bra, and being in grade 8, that was not okay.
    But I sucked it up and went to the night. It was definitely a lovely night, and a great way to end the elementary years!

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