Two Young Professionals

In the same vein as inside jokes, Jeremiah and I make use of several “inside phrases,” blips of language that seem insignificant to the unfamiliar ear but, between the two of us, host a powerhouse of memory and emotion. Two buckets on the same tree. A smart cookie. I’m eating a peach now. Dawhoo Grace-us. Working just for tipssss. Cookies and Cream. I love Vermont. I<3VERMONT. Mr. Goodbar. Two young professionals. It’s that last phrase — two young professionals — that, lately, I’ve been thinking would make a good blog title. It’s much more fitting than “Pie in the Sky.”

A lot has changed since I started this blog. The obvious changes include my new job as a rehab nurse and  my return to full time RN school plus the fact that my new-grad husband is now a semi-experienced auditor and packs a mean stack of flash cards since he, too, is in study mode while working on his CPA. The less apparent and less verbalized includes this startling sense that we’re “closing in” on the goals we set as high-schoolers. We spent so much time as youngsters working towards becoming “something” — a nurse for me, an accountant and pastor for him, and, simply, adults for both of us — and now we’ve almost reached our mark. For so much of our teens and our early twenties, it’s felt that life was on hold. In about a year, however, I’ll be an RN with a new world of opportunity open, and my love will be a CPA with the freedom to teach or continue at his current job. More than that, we’ll be free to discover parts of our lives outside of school. Mostly, though, we will simply be free to rest. I wrote to Jeremiah earlier in the week that maybe childhood is about forward movement and maybe adulthood is about maintenance. Honestly, I don’t really have a clue. I haven’t sat still for a moment since I started first grade; for me, life has been heave-hoe towards some far off goal since the beginning. What on earth will it be like to be an adult with *only* a job and a 24 hour day? What’s next?

It’s been a while since we were these people…

Little Jer


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