In Other News

… I’m in nursing school. I’m also married. I mentor a little kid. And, I work. A lot. Besides, that I stink at time management. Stink. Stink. Like — Wowza, you really stink at that whole calendar, scheduler, planner thing, don’t’cha?

I think about this blog often. I write all sorts of daring treatises about nursing and politics and faith and marriage and baking with a godawful (Is that “french”? In that case, excuse me.) stubborn oven. I write on a little scratch pad in the back of my figment-y brain. Too bad my words never make it to paper. Or a blog post.

Too bad.

In other news, it’s this little wife’s bed time. 1240 am. Class at 0600. Wowza.


2 thoughts on “In Other News

  1. I love your new blog-layout! I know that has nothing to do with what you wrote about, but I thought I’d throw it in anyway…
    Hang in there, lovely lady! Some days I think it’s not an issue of time management so much as a talent for holding all the loose and flailing string-ends of life together in a semi-coherent way… rather like grasping the lines of a thousand frantic balloons in a windstorm – you gotta just Not Let Go!
    Now get some sleep, will you?

    • isn’t the lay out dreamy? i just happened to stumble upon it and am now in love. there are so many gorgeous blogs out there; i feel like *maybe* i’m a bit more on par now. 🙂 and, of course, thanks for the encouragement. it’s really not all bad. i chose this frenetic life because i love it with all its particulars and challenges, and i couldn’t be more grateful for the abundance of love and adventure i’ve been given. i do have to get better about sleeping though, huh?

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