Welcome to Reality

Eating gypsy soup (oh, garbanzo beans: the foodie throb of my choosy tongue!), typing up nursing apps, and hi-lighting pages out of my microbiology reader. Oatmeal raisin cookies in the oven while downstairs, “pot hour,” Plainfield’s favorite, hasn’t quite chimed in on the rural-urban conversation of Main St: belching cars, floozy undergrads, and a limp old man being walked by his dog. Jeremiah, that sweet, gutsy man o’ mine, home in four hours. Taking it easy but with such an agenda! Cleaning out old writings of my former self…

Welcome (to Reality) ~ written years ago by me

I closed my eyes to open

them in my mind.

It was all I wanted, really,

to see

my dreams, to witness

how they moved,

appeared, gestured.

If I couldn’t see them in




would do – in my mind.

I watched their shadows


across my brain, their



the synapse – a gorgeous sight.

Plethora of fruit and life.

But, it wasn’t life, and if it


it was

only Eve’s apple, chewed without

thought until its contents

burned my bowel – a fruit

seeded by denial, wrenching


bitter pain, gall. Foolish gall

to eat. Bile if


Splendid visions, saved, turn like

frozen images of the


Dreams, turned stubborn and callous. Truth turned weighty and distrustful.

And, still.


Be still.

Hope turned rejoicing and thankful — rushing and waiting!

Walking the Path and

brokenness guides to riches.

Blistered souls

are welcomed in the end.

Blood turns ruby.

Toil hard in the way of love,

witness the agony. Not denying

the burden,

and Love

will raise you up –

A younger Miss Grace contemplating the greatest fact of reality, Love!

   He will wear me, a jewel,

a reality,

on His crown,

   in His flock.

Here, dreams are figments;

instead, Love is



Welcome to reality!

Welcome to


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