Christmas Letter

November 28, 2011

Greetings from the Breers at Pie in the Sky!

Christmas time finds me and Jeremiah elated over the arrival of snow and tardy in the writing of thank-you’s. Killing two birds with one stone, I sit down on a day off to wish you all a delightful holiday season and thank you for your unbelievable generosity to Jeremiah and me during our engagement and wedding.

Married life at Pie in the Sky (pet name for our tiny apartment above Plainfield’s hippie pizza place, Positive Pie) is an adventure in nicknames, good food, academia, hiking, earnest faith, and strong emotions. Jeremiah is convinced that I’m a master chef, and I’m convinced that we have friends with masterful gift-giving skills. From the luxurious to the practical, from the modern to the antique, our kitchen received the wealth of our engagement and wedding gifts. As a result, we have mason jars galore, plenty of wooden spoons, several sets of beautiful pottery, and a whole gamete of pie-making accessories, plus a plethora of cook books, among other gifts. I am a thrilled cook giving both the Breers satisfied bellies.

When not cooking or working, Jeremiah and I spend time hiking and exploring the gentle landscape of our home state. An atlas in hand (another ingenious gift!), we’ve become obsessed with Avery’s Gore (Google it, folks!), our visits there nurturing our Vermont land lust. Closer to home, Groton State Forest offers a wonderland of outdoor recreation. With our recent snow falling on Jeremiah’s extended Thanksgiving weekend, we bundled up in cold weather layers and ecstatically scampered off to Big Dear Mountain and Kettle Pond, patterning the new snow with our coupled boot prints.

Jeremiah continues his job at National Life as an internal auditor and spends his evenings at home researching the stock market while developing saving schemes for all of your much-appreciated monetary gifts. The first test for his CPA takes place in May. Jeremiah also spends hours examining our growing collection of exotic plants, including a tropical pitcher plant, Nepenthes ventricosa. His interests seem contagious; I find myself using a once-foreign, business world vocabulary and eagerly listening to VPR’s “Market Place Money,” while mixing cactus soil for the cacti and succulents lining our windows.

After spending the first three months of married life watching Plainfield children romp about Main Street and observing autumn spread across the Green Mountains, I landed a job as a rehabilitation staff nurse at Woodridge, the nursing home affiliated with Central Vermont Hospital. The part-time work allows me to continue my nursing education and maintain weekly visits with our 99-year-old neighbor.  In my free time, I visit with my red head, trek over to Cutler Memorial Library, befriend our adopted hedgehog, write about Vermont (visit my blog:, and bang out a few tunes on my cello.

With much gratitude, we wish you a splendid Christmas bright with the truth and hope of the Lord and warm with the friendship of family and neighbors!

Best of friends

2 thoughts on “Christmas Letter

    • I wrote these several weeks ago, and we’ve been waiting for good deals on photo cards. Expect snail mail versions soon.

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